Daniel James Frazer Entrance Bursary

This bursary will be given to a graduate or doctoral student at RRU, with preference given to students in the Masters of Environment and Management (MEM) program, who can demonstrate financial need,  and has at least one year experience (as either an employee or volunteer) with a non-governmental organization (NGO) involved in environment and social justice issues.

Dr. Ann Dale and her family established the Daniel James Frazer Entrance Bursary at Royal Roads University in November 2000 in memory of their beloved son and grandson, Daniel James Frazer. 

“Some people when they are on the earth occupy only the space of a tree, but when they leave, they leave the space of a forest.  May his compassion, integrity, courage and gentleness continue to touch us and inspire us to make a difference, to create a world where all creatures can enjoy life.”

Forest tree