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There are several active scholarships and funds at Royal Roads to which you may choose to direct your donation.  See below for details on each.

Current Areas of Priority

The Terry Power Outdoor Classroom

The Terry Power Outdoor Classroom with be an open concept, rustic space that will have room to accommodate up to 50 students and will be constructed of natural materials, located in a beautiful natural setting convenient for Royal Roads students. This classroom will be available for use by students from all faculties as well as continuing education and community groups.

Sheila Verwey Humanitarian Award

The Sheila Verwey Humanitarian Award has been established to financially assist graduate level students at Royal Roads University.  This award is made available to an individual who has demonstrated a commitment to create positive change in a community through care and advocacy for those less fortunate and is made in memory and in honour of Sheila Verwey who graduated from Royal Roads’ Masters in Leadership program in 2009.

Memorial Gifts

Donations in honor or memory of an individual can be made as a general donation to our area of greatest student need or to an existing award of your choice at Royal Roads. When making your donation, please include the name of the individual you are honoring in the comment section of our online form, or in the note section of your cheque. You can also make a donation by contacting us directly at 1-866-207-0080. To have the family of the honoree notified of your donation, please provide us with their contact information and any message you would like passed along.

Area of greatest student need

The Area of Greatest Student Need fund provides support to students who need it most encompassing the following. The Entrance Award/Bursary encourages diversity and reduces financial barrier to education at Royal Roads. The Emergency Bursary offers non-repayable funding to students with unforeseen emergency financial need. And the Royal Roads Student Food Bank provides non-perishable food items and toiletries to students in need.

Additional funds you can contribute to:

75 Years of Changing Lives Bursary

As part of our 75th anniversary celebrations, Royal Roads University has established the 75 Years of Changing Lives Bursary. This bursary will be used to encourage and support passionate, outstanding students with financial barriers to fulfill their dream of education.

Admiral John Charles and Mary Charles Scholarship

Canadian flag atop Hatley Castle

Championed by friends and family of the late Rear Admiral John A. Charles and his wife Mary Charles.  Awarded to retired and serving military personnel in the School of Peace and Conflict Management.

Andrea Fallan Memorial Bursary

Peacock at RRU

Championed by RRU staff, friends and family members in memory of Andrea Fallan and awarded to BCom students who are involved in the community, demonstrate leadership qualities and motivate others to improve.

Area of greatest need university-wide

This fund will support the achievements of the strategic direction goals of the university and will help profile the successes of the university, our faculty, staff, students and alumni.

Beth and Bill Vance Bursary

Yellow flowers

Championed by MA in Leadership Training aluma, Shauna Jones in recognition of two people who supported her through her RRU MALT program. This award facilitates the growth of those who are fully engaged in and passionate about their life’s work.

BSc Environmental Science Alumni Award

Students studying the local forest environment Championed by the Bachelor of Science Classes of '97, '98, 2000-01 and 2001-02, this endowment fund is open to BSc students who best exemplify team building skills, have demonstrated financial need, and who actively demonstrate leadership and/or organization of on-campus environmental initiatives.

Colwood Rotary Club Bursary

Rotary logo

Established by the Colwood Rotary Club, this endowed bursary is open to WestShore residents enrolled in a Leadership Program.

Daniel James Frazer Entrance Bursary

Forest tree

This bursary will be given to a graduate or doctoral student at RRU, with preference given to students in the Masters of Environment and Management (MEM) program, who can demonstrate financial need,  and has at least one year experience (as either an employee or volunteer) with a non-governmental organization (NGO) involved in environment and social justice issues.

Dr. Ann Dale and her family established the Daniel James Frazer Entrance Bursary at Royal Roads University in November 2000 in memory of their beloved son and grandson, Daniel James Frazer. 

“Some people when they are on the earth occupy only the space of a tree, but when they leave, they leave the space of a forest.  May his compassion, integrity, courage and gentleness continue to touch us and inspire us to make a difference, to create a world where all creatures can enjoy life.”

Dr. Barry Maber Memorial Bursary

Championed by his family to create a lasting legacy in his memory. Dr. Maber was a Saskatoon-based physician enrolled in RRU’s MA in Conflict Analysis (MACAM) program when he passed. Well-respected and admired by his colleagues at Royal Roads, he was awarded RRU’s first posthumous degree. Awarded annually to one student enrolled in the second year of the MACAM program.

Dr. Gerry Kelly Innovative Learning and Teaching Award

Teacher in front of her class

This award celebrates faculty who are deemed to be representative of RRU’s team of outstanding teachers. Funds also support individual faculty to engage in the scholarship of teaching through an established RRU program.

Dr. Jui Mei Chang (張水美博士) Royal Scholarship - 張水美博士皇家精英獎學金

Established by businesswoman and global alumni leader Dr. Jui Mei Chang, the scholarship will be awarded to outstanding Taiwanese students to attend Royal Roads University in the undergraduate or graduate degree programs based in Canada. Scholarship applicants will be awarded on the basis of their academic performance as well as by demonstrating how they can promote increased understanding between Asia and Canada and contribute to building global linkages and international networks. 由成功的商業領袖,皇家大學全球傑出校友張水美博士出資成立,皇家大學張水美博士皇家精英獎學金旨在表彰、獎勵皇家大學的優秀臺灣同學(大學本科或研究生)。獎學金候選人將以學術表現為主要評選標準,並參考學員在促進加拿大與亞洲共識、促進世界和平、和諧方面所做的貢獻。

Dr. Martha Farrell International Scholarship for Global Leaders

Dr. Martha Farrell was Director of PRIA, a committed global leader and a partner of Royal Roads University. On May 13th, 2015, Dr. Farrell was killed in a terrorist attack in Kabul Afghanistan while conducting a gender workshop. This scholarship will go to international or refugee students living in Canada who embody Martha's ideals, and are determined to make their marks as global leaders.

Dr. Milton McClaren Student Travel Award

The Dr. Milton McClaren Student Travel Award was established to provide financial support to Masters of Arts in Environmental Education and Communication (MAEEC) students attending or presenting at conferences or extracurricular events related to their learning at Royal Roads University. Dr. Richard Kool established the award in honour of Dr. Milton McClaren, co-founder of the MAEEC Program and someone who taught every MAEEC student from 2003 to 2015.

Dr. Paz Buttedahl Graduate Award in Peace and Justice

Championed by friends, family, colleagues and students in memory of Dr. Paz Buttedahl. This endowment award is open to MA students in the School of Peace and Conflict Management who demonstrate an ability to explore issues of peace and justice.

Gardens and Grounds

RRU Italian Garden

Contributions to this fund support the preservation and enhancement of the historical gardens and grounds at Royal Roads University.

Gender and Diversity Initiatives Research Fund

group of students out on the lawn

Supports initiatives that address questions of equity, diversity and gender with a goal to enable an inclusive, welcoming community - especially for those who have felt discrimination and empowerment.

General Funds

Donating to the Royal Roads University General Unrestricted Fund allows for funding to be put towards where it is currently needed most. This means contributing towards campus sustainability and historical projects, supporting the research of students, faculty, and staff, and facilitating other development and advancement opportunities.

The General Unrestricted Fund supports the achievements of the strategic direction goals of the university and helps to profile the successes of our university community.

Graham Dickson Leadership and Learning Award

Championed by the staff in the Centre for Applied Leadership and Management (CALM), this fund supports sustainability initiatives and honours Dr. Graham Dickson. The award is open to CALM learners who demonstrate social responsibility and community leadership.

Howard Dorrance Staff Legacy Bursary

Students on the lawn near Grant building

Understanding that unforeseen circumstances arise during study, this bursary is intended to address critical financial need outside the regular cycle of awards to a maximum of $2,000 for students actively enrolled in the second half of their program.

Believing in the power of education and helping students in need, the staff, faculty, associate faculty and students of Royal Roads University have created and donated to the Howard Dorrance Staff Legacy Bursary, with the generous financial support of Gloria Dorrance in memory of her husband, Howard Dorrance, who dedicated a lifetime of service to education. Mr. Dorrance was an officer cadet (UNTD) and consequently spent his summers at Royal Roads for training. After he acquired a B.A., in history from Sir George Williams University, Mr. Dorrance obtained a Master of Education in Administration at McGill at the beginning of his 24 year career as elementary-school principal.

In Memory of Ken Stratford

Donations made in memory of Ken Stratford, Economic innovator and good friend to Royal Roads University.

Indigenous Community Engagement in Learning

Supports and facilitates long term relationships and partnerships with Aboriginal and Indigenous communities, governments, private corporations and educational institutions.

Laura Vidalis Scholarship

Championed by Serge Vidalis in memory of his sister who was completing her MBA in Digital Technologies when she passed away. Serge is a RRU alumni (Master of Arts in Conflict Analysis and Management). This scholarship will assist students that Laura would have identified with, mid-career learners who are enhancing or changing careers while staying committed to their family and communities.

Liav Gold Bursary

Ms. Liav Gold established this award with the support of her friends and classmates in August 2000. This award is given to a female applicant demonstrating financial need who is a member of one or more of the following groups: lesbian, single mother, woman of colour, person with a disability.

MAL Bursary

The MAL Bursary was created to recognise the determination and willingness of first year students who have chosen to pursue a path of higher understanding about leadership. This bursary serves to recognise the efforts and guidance shown by MAL instructors Catherine Etmanski, Mark Fulton, Beth Page and Guy Nasmyth. This award is given out to a student in their first year of the Master of Arts in Leadership program

McTaggart-Cowan Environmental Leadership Awards

Green forest in Hatley Park The McTaggart-Cowan Environmental Leadership Awards recognise students with environmental leadership and the ability to inspire change. Students eligible for the awards and bursary will be in the Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science and Masters of Science in Environment & Management programs at Royal Roads University.

Military Heritage Fund

Military cadets on the parade square

This fund supports the preservation and enhancement of the military heritage of Royal Roads.

Peter Legge Family Bursary

Championed by The Legge family and Canada Wide Media Ltd. Open to students enrolled in the School of Business or School of Communications who can demonstrate financial need.

President's Aboriginal Support Bursary

Sneq’wa e’lun – The Blue Heron House

This bursary helps to improve access to education for Aboriginal students through the provision of financial support.

RRU Emergency Fund

Royal Roads University Emergency Funding is a fund used to provide financial relief to students enrolled in an RRU degree program through interest-free loans, non-repayable bursaries, or grocery food cards. Students who qualify for this funding demonstrate financial need due to unforeseen circumstances, where funding is necessary for them to continue their studies and have exhausted every other opportunity of funding. Donations to the Emergency Fund allow students who are financially unable to continue their education, the opportunity to continue pursuing their studies and advancement at RRU.

Students applications for the RRU Emergency Bursary fund are reviewed by the Coordinator for student Financial Aid & Awards.

RRU ROADS Scholarships for Academic Excellence

This fund aims to attract the best and brightest minds to pursue higher education at RRU. Qualified candidates will have high academic excellence supported by life and professional experience and will be eligible through the Royal Roads University Entrance Award Program.

RRU Royal Scholarship

RRU Royal Scholarships will be presented to outstanding students from China and Taiwan who are admitted to undergraduate or graduate degree programs based in Canada. Scholarship applicants will be awarded on the basis of their academic performance as well as by demonstrating how they can promote increased understanding between Asia and Canada and contribute to building global linkages and international networks.

Shirley Case Memorial Bursary

This bursary will be given annually to one learner enrolled in the second year of the MA in Human Security and Peace building program who is involved in humanitarian work that contributes to the empowerment of women and/or children.

Championed by friends and family of Shirley Case, to create a lasting legacy in honour of her admirable efforts to change the lives of many in a positive way. Shirley's work included but was not limited to working with youth, people with disabilities and environmental issues. Her work in designing education services for children with disabilities recognized a group often forgotten about by relief work.

Shirley dedicated herself to the building of communities and empowerment through education, but her tragic passing took her too soon, and has affected a wide community of family, friends, colleagues, RRU staff, and alumni. Through this memorial fund, Shirley’s spirit and many achievements and accomplishments will be recognized and remembered.

Sustainability Action For the Environment (SAFE) Fund

The SAFE Fund was established to promote environmental education and action at Royal Roads University, build a culture of sustainability and encourage creativity. The fund supports sustainability initiatives and projects led by staff, students, alumni and faculty - on and off campus. Funded projects have included a sea turtle activity book for elementary students in Hawaii, a worm composting education system at the YMCA Academy in Toronto and nest boxes for Western Screech Owls in the Kootenays.

The Bob Skene Fund for Learning and Teaching Innovation

The Bob Skene Fund for Learning and Teaching Innovation supports initiatives that enhance professional growth of the faculty as a whole, enhance teaching at RRU, and serve a strategic functions highlighting faculty members' contributions to the university's success. The fund supports faculty members in making direct links between scholarships, teaching effectiveness, research and student learning.

The Kate Bagnall Perseverance Bursary

The Kate Bagnall Perseverance Bursary was created in loving memory and honor of Kate Bagnall (1977 - 2014) who was admired for her spirit and ability to inspire strength in others in overcoming personal challenges. The bursary will support those with financial need who have experienced life altering physical, psychological, or emotional trauma or illness and have found strength to persevere in their education.

The Royal Roads Canadian Forces Active Service Award

Canadian Forces RRU Graduand

The Royal Roads Canadian Forces Active Service Award is granted annually to a current member of the Canadian Forces who exemplifies exceptional service to country or community. This award was established to honour Royal Roads' military legacy and its continued commitment to provide higher-learning opportunities to Canadians serving their country.

This award is made available by the generosity of the McCreath Family and the Bank of Montreal for Royal Roads students who are current members of the Canadian Forces.

Turn of the Century MEM Award

In recognition of the contributions Dr. Jim McTaggart-Cowan made during the six years he guided and inspired learners at Royal Roads University, the learners from the MEM classes of 2000, 2001 and 2002 established the Turn of the Century MEM Bursary in honour of Dr. Jim McTaggart-Cowan. This award is for the MEM applicant who best exemplifies the concept of empowering leadership in change and/or sustainability in their community and/or workplace and who can demonstrate financial need.

If you have any questions regarding the funds available or would like to discuss creating a fund of your own, please contact Hayley Bennett in the Advancement Office.
Phone: 250.391.2561