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Maia Green, MA Environmental Education and Communication alumna

Passion shines through and makes your research that much more meaningful.

How did scholarships offered through Royal Roads support your studies?

These scholarships fully funded my master’s degree, as well as some of my international travel to my research location in South Africa. If it wasn’t for these awards, I would either be in a lot of debt right now, or would not have been able to pursue this degree.

Were you able to use the money to support your work with the FUN Society?

My research project was directly related to my work with FUN Society, an environmental education group that inspires young people to care about the planet. The society definitely benefited from me being able to pursue this area of research. We were able to pilot projects in South Africa and develop an international program. The findings from this research will also be incorporated into the organization and will have an impact on the philosophy and approach of FUN Society.

What advice would you give to students applying for scholarships?

My advice is just to apply for everything that you are eligible for. Spend the time to fill out the applications, because it might just be worth it. Spend more time on the larger awards, but don’t forget about all of the in-course awards throughout the degree. I think that passion shines through, and makes your research that much more meaningful. If you are doing a project that you really care about and that you believe is going to change the world that will show to funders, and make them more interested in funding your project. This is not something that takes place on the application form, but something that is integral to your reason for pursuing the degree. If you are passionate about what you are doing  share that through your story.

Would you like to add anything else?

The flexibility at Royal Roads allows you to truly follow your dreams. So spend some time thinking about what you want your experience to be. I spent the entire two years traveling, and at the end I magically had a degree, as well as a new home away from home. Look for a way to incorporate your dreams, interests and passions into your studies. It will be way more fun.

Scholarships received: